I Was a Democrat For 50Years and Voted Republican

I am a democrat. I voted republican. I was, like over half of the American citizens sick and tired of Washington’s crooks and our world leaders making themselves wealthy beyond imagine off their so called “non profit” organizations. They’ve milked the United States for their good entirely too much. The reason Donald Trump won is because of middle class working people like I am,  we are tired of Hillary’s gain. Her promises were lies and like Trump said, she’s been in governmental offices for over 30 years, why wasn’t there all this change when she was in?

American’s also hate immigrants coming on to our countries and stealing our kid’s education benefits and jobs. She was wanting to open the doors to our borders so ISIS could come in and those insane radicalism nuts with bombs tied to themselves so American’s could live in terror.

I am so happy that we have change

Hillary was quick to speak stating that if Donald won, she’d support him. Yet, she’s done everything within her power to cause riots, blame on other nations and continue her tirade on Donald Trump instead of backing him like she stated she’d do. When he was asked if he’d accept her domination, he said “we will see”, he didn’t lie, she did. We the people of America are sick and tired of capitol hill’s lies, secrecy and lack of “get up and go” to help the middle working class people.

I do not think President Obama has done much to help our country or economy but I do think he’s an honest man that has integrity and tried hard. 



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